A sprawling recap of the 2021 Atlanta Braves’ World Series championship season, from Opening Day to the clinching out. I’m actually still quite unsure how it happened, even after writing all these words.

The baseball team from the greater Atlanta metropolitan area, the Braves, defeated all the other baseball teams, improbably so, in 2021, and won the dadgum World Series. It mathematically, cosmically, scientifically, and perhaps at times even spiritually should not have happened. …

Ten years after the song’s release, the ‘Sesame Street’ star breaks down Minaj’s iconic verse.

It’s one of those moments: you remember exactly where you were when you first heard it, what you were wearing, who you were with. We were at the Count’s castle, and I was totally naked. The Count was a big Nicki fan — ever since he’d moved to New York…

After six championships in eleven years, the oatmeal-based Little Debbie cake makes its case for glory.

“(Nick) Saban is a big believer in oatmeal cream pies” — Sports Illustrated, 1/6/2018

When you’ve won six championships in eleven seasons, everybody wants to know your secret. How you train, recruit, motivate, practice, and, year after year after year, win. …

Instead of a formal American League Wild Card Game preview, it seems important to convey Rob Manfred’s precise current whereabouts: cavorting through the streets of New York.

I’ll eschew the pregame lineup analysis, skip the sabermetrics, and just come right out and tell you about the MLB commissioner’s top hat, trench coat, and tie loosened whimsically at the neck as he prances through the streets.

There’s a song in the air, too — a jaunty, sing-song ditty…

Vanderbilt’s 6–5 win over Stanford on Wednesday in the College World Series uprooted all the myths we make about sports. How do we make sense of sports — of life? — when the story abandons us?

Let us talk briefly about storytelling theory. This will not be a graduate-level course. English professors at, say, Vanderbilt or Stanford may scoff at these brushing strokes. Joseph Campbell proposes the idea of the monomyth — one single story: in all our stories, we’re just riffing on that. The monomyth…

The singer’s very public overdose and recovery are explicitly recounted on her new album and accompanying YouTube docuseries. But even in the awful moments, Demi Lovato makes us look.

Content warning: This article talks about substance use, mental health, and sexual assault.

It has to be said: Demi Lovato, the living human singer from Dallas, Texas, almost died. Heroin, laced with fentanyl, three strokes, a heart attack. Blind, left for dead. There is a documentary about it. A music…

Roll up your sleeve (singular) and follow these steps to find the caption that will help your vaccine insta post go — we’re sorry to do this — viral.

by Raleigh McCool and Lyndsay Rush

  • Start with your birth month in numeric form.
  • Multiply that by how many doses you received.
  • Subtract that by the number of people you are going to make out with on your first night out.
  • If you are married, dating, or Brian McKnight, start…

A group of friends gets some bad news about the t-shirts they ordered just before the big day!

Hello! Thank you for ordering with Custom Teez! I wanted to reach out and let you know that we are currently out of stock of the Midnight Blue t-shirts you ordered with “Civil War” emblazoned across the chest.

I am so sorry to disappoint!

However, we do have a few…

A last-minute yard sign for Election Day!

In this house, we believe

Black lives matter

Women’s rights are human rights

No humans aren’t illegal

Science is real —

Hold up, that can’t be right.

No, really — science is real.

I mean the thing before that.

The thing about illegal people?

Right, you used a double negative…

Raleigh McCool

Humor, sports, music. raleighmccool at gmail dot com

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