Ten years after the song’s release, the ‘Sesame Street’ star breaks down Minaj’s iconic verse.

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After six championships in eleven years, the oatmeal-based Little Debbie cake makes its case for glory.

Image Copyright: Little Debbie.

Vanderbilt’s 6–5 win over Stanford on Wednesday in the College World Series uprooted all the myths we make about sports. How do we make sense of sports — of life? — when the story abandons us?

Vanderbilt Baseball

The singer’s very public overdose and recovery are explicitly recounted on her new album and accompanying YouTube docuseries. But even in the awful moments, Demi Lovato makes us look.

Island — 2021

Roll up your sleeve (singular) and follow these steps to find the caption that will help your vaccine insta post go — we’re sorry to do this — viral.

  • Start with your birth month in numeric form.
  • Multiply that by how many doses you received.
  • Subtract that by the number of people you are going to make out with on your first night out.
  • If you are married, dating, or Brian McKnight, start back at one, and add how many drinks you are going to have on your first night out.
  • Do some math, match your total with the list below, and then post away! …

A group of friends gets some bad news about the t-shirts they ordered just before the big day!

Image Found Here

Some new holiday classics that we hope never…

A last-minute yard sign for Election Day!

Photo by Yoav Hornung on Unsplash

Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

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